Indigenous Cultural Business Program

In response to an overwhelming demand from Indigenous organisations and individuals, Creative Economy developed a national business development program to increase the capacity of Indigenous people to own and manage sustainable enterprises. 

The Challenge & How We Tackle It

Economic opportunities based on culture give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people their greatest opportunity for sustainable income generation. Yet generalised business programs did not meet the need of Indigenous people who wished to develop enterprise based on their cultural knowledge and talents. In addition, programs were not delivered in remote and regional areas. Creative Economy developed a program that provided participants with access to a team of professionals who are qualified and have real world experience in business and cultural sectors. They have expertise in business including legal, governance, finance and accounting and most importantly market development, including marketing, distribution and sales.

The Result

The program succeeded with a ‘hands up’ approach, transferring knowledge to increase business capacity with 4123 Indigenous people. With practical assistance and linkages to our networks in national and international markets, participants went on to generate incomes and operate sustainable enterprises. See some examples below.

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